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"Big discoveries happen when you go against widely accepted certitudes" 

Francesco Sauro, Italian Scientist. in a video posted on BBC Future

Have you ever imagined playing a puzzle game with over 13 million pieces?

Taken to its utltimate conclusion, that is what Myt Puzzle promises to achieve, with potential predictive capabilities to boot.

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Predicting the future is a quest that is as old as humanity itself. 

However, since the dawn of mankind, bar more esoteric approaches, we have mainly relied on algebraic formulas, equations and statistical methods  to make predictions. This has served us extremely well in predicting the movement of celestial bodies and the energy unleashed by atomic particles. However, beyond, and within, these extremes of classical and quantum mechanics, there are many natural and man-made phenomena that do not easily render themselves to formulaic approaches.

Why  have we not exploited geometry, unfettered with algrebra, in the field of predictive analytics, despite visual imagery and pattern recognition being by far mankind’s most powerful cognitive accessory?

Could it be that the problem lies with our, almost exclusive, use of abstract notations of alphabets and numerals as the basis of human  language?

What if mathematics – and science – had developed differently using a “visual” language?

Researching geometry as the basis for a predictive tool must not come as a surprise. In fact what should be surprising is why it has taken us this long or is more likely being done behind closed doors.

Myt Puzzle is based on predictive geometry, a new kind of predictive paradigm based on constructing a geometric computational universe of real-life events that can be explored for its predictive capabilities.

We are currently running a crowdfuning campaign to raise funds for the initial development of the platform. 

Please join us in what promises, if proven, to be a pivot in human knowledge..

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